Rear View Monitor Mirror Review

This mirror is a nice size and is very nice. I can really see if anyone is coming up behind me. Never really thought I would need something like this. But I wouldn’t do without it now.

Product Description
This is a rear view monitor mirror. It is second to none and when you are approved and is allowed to purchase it you will see for yourself. It is as unobtrusive as it gets — it just works. It sits atop your computer monitor and allows you to see whomever is coming up behind you. If you work amongst pranksters like many do — this is a must have. This promotion is for the white mirror. The item is being sold on Amazon now. This promotion is an exchange for customer feedback. Please have an account to participate, Prime is preferred but we do not discriminate. If you have any questions send us a note — we will reply promptly. You will be provided limited coupon code to include in purchase. The window to purchase will be limited to only a few days. We have found that those who have not purchased within three days or so generally do not. Anyway, thanks and best to you.

The product is white. It comes to you in retail packaging. It is about 4x2x2 in LWH. It sits on the computer monitor or laptop, depending where it is placed and allows you to see behind you. Many people live by this and would not sit at their desk without it.

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