Piczzle AIH – Your special puzzle with your own photo. Review + Giveaway Review

This piczzle is small but really nice. You can put it together and glue it on a piece of cardboard and then put it in a picture frame. Just a unique picture in a frame. Something that who every see it will comment on it.

Product Description
Piczzle – your own puzzle from your special image.
Piczzle’s Cardboard Puzzles are made of outstanding materials, top craftsmanship and the highest print quality. They are constructed of a premium grade cardboard that has been laminated with a glossy finish. Our cardboard puzzles are precision press cut so that all pieces will be perfectly match one another and they are printed using an advanced digital printing technique that results in sharp, multicolored prints.

Enter to win one of your own https://www.tomoson.com/contest/widget/758579/8364d6f0dccb83edda78ee89cabc6d9eb22ce3d2/0d56fac069fa8076b41da01721dd000b6b5f6be7?code=contest2233897c7520372372686b8e83d939aa

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